Throughout the year we fund raise for Guide Dogs. For a few years now any money raised for charity has been donated to Guide Dogs. At the end of 2014 the group dog walks, christmas quiz and some private donations raised £326.27. This was used to sponsor 3 Guide Dog puppies. Click the links below to follow their progress


Dashers pupdates
Stars pupdates
Hudsons pupdates



Raised £247.38 so we have another 2 sponsor puppies to follow.

Eddie Pupdates
Fargo Pupdates12985601_1169586346398754_2928409178415837008_n




Raised £296.57. Pleased to introduce our 3 new Guide Dog sponsor puppies

Zac Pupdates
Irvine Pupdates
Hattie Pupdates



Big thanks you to everyone who has contributed