Play Dates

These are currently being run by an experienced friend. Maxine Munday is a breed Kennel Club judge, Good Citizen Dog Scheme Judge and has shown and owned many breeds. She currently owns an Italian Spinone and a Wire Haired Vizsla. The playdates are for supervised socialising, they consist of a small group of dogs off lead in a secure field where they can run and play to learn vital social skills as well as exercise in a fun way. Only dogs that are friendly and social can attend as this is not a suitable environment to deal with aggression issues. Supervision will be provided to ensure everyone is playing fair and politely. If you would like to book on a date please contact me via the contact page.

Attendance is at your own risk just like playing at the park, please make sure your dog is fit & healthy, no bitches in season and un-neutered male dogs will be limited to times they can attend if allowed at all.

Old School House, Church Road, Terrington St John, PE14 7SA (click for map)


Current Playdates:

LARGE DOGS ONLY   45 minutes for £3

Monday 14th  August 10am FULL Heidi pyrenean, Bella goldie, Amber lab, Nellie gsp, George & Susi pyrenean, Charlie doodle, 

Tuesday 15th August 10am Oscar doodle, Gus dane, Bella goldie, Leia inuit, Charlie doodle,

Monday 21st August 10am Heidi pyrenean, Bella goldie, Ellie lab, Leia inuit, Charlie doodle, Dave lab, Asti spin

11am Gus dane, Bodie flattie, Nellie gsp, George & Susi pyrenean,

Thursday 24th August 2pm Oscar doodle, Bella goldie, Charlie doodle, Dave lab

Tuesday 29th August 9.30am  Gus dane, Bodie flattie, George & Suzi pyrenean,

10.30am Heidi pyrenean, Bella goldie, Amber lab, Ellie Lab, Oscar doodle, Dave lab

Monday 4th September 10am Heidi pyrenean, Oscar doodle, Bella goldie, Amber lab, 

11am Gus dane, Bodie flattie, Nellie gsp, George & Susi pyrenean,

Max can be contacted on 07765583881, please ONLY call if lost, no booking available with this number.