Puppy buying

Prevention is better than cure. You will have your new puppy hopefully for the next 13 years+. It is a good idea to make sure your lifestyle matches the needs of a dog rather than you just like the look of it.
Thinking of buying a puppy or even re-homing a rescue dog? I can come to your home and take a detailed report of your household and family dynamics and try to match you with the perfect dog to suit your situation.

Already decided on a breed? I can visit litters of puppies with you and behaviourally test and evaluate the puppies and advise which pup would fit into your home most successfully.

Already have a puppy? I can advise and show you how best to raise a balanced and social adult dog.


Working vs Show – if you have no intention of ever working your dog in either gundog/agility/obedience or other dog activity, please check to make sure you are not buying a ‘working’ dog. Their activity level is very high and can cause problems if not properly stimulated/understood.


This service is charged at voluntary donation only.